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Happy Hollow Children's Center 

Nurturing & Educating 
Young Minds, Bodies & Spirits 

Open House 

   January 21, 2023


March 11, 2023

 Hear about our program, tour our facility, meet some of our teachers and get all your questions answered!

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reserve your spot! 

We are an inclusive education program that specializes in mentoring young learners to construct their own knowledge through hands on learning and child led exploration.
We are rooted in social/emotional support,
experimentation, mindfulness, kindness
self-regulation practices.  
We provide an engaging and state certified preschool program for students ages
30 months to 5 years old.

​We are a year-round program with specific closure dates due to holidays and teacher
in-service days. 


We believe young learners are competent, curious, resourceful, intelligent, imaginative, creative, self-empowered and interested in the world around them. Our goal is to provide an environment that respects and reflects this belief.  Happy Hollow is a community of learners and mentors who place respectful learning, social responsibility, self regulation, kindness, mindfulness, constructive experiences, collaboration, cooperation and the goal of our community at the forefront of our daily intentions and work. 
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