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Children's experimentation and raw creationism facilitates fluid knowledge about themselves and the world around them. We honor their right to grow a rich tapestry of learning from the threads of their innate curiosity and thirst for wonder.

The construction process

We think it is important to help students understand the process behind WHY things are the way they are, including HOW words, sounds, numbers, equations, shapes, patterns, practices, pathways and relationships between many different objects and ideas are formed and translated with usage and manipulation.  This allows young learners to think and move beyond the constraints of just processing the correct facts as they learn to develop critical thinking skills to question, experiment and understand how ideas can be obtained and utilized using a myriad of pathways. 

Play based learning via constructivist theories & practices

Play is a child's work and it is incredibly complex and exciting!  Utilizing a rich, multi-sensory teaching methodology, we are able to reach the diversity of our entire learning population and each student's own unique needs no matter what ability level or skill sets are being challenged. If students are provided with the choice and opportunity to take on challenges they will strive to do so as long as these tasks are within their developmental range and they feel included, accepted, and valued within the classroom and our community. To share this journey, we utilize a mobile app that helps us effectively communicate with our parent community and share secure data, such as student pictures, class updates, reports, reminders, student portfolios, student assessment information and progress.

The construction process

We utilize a variety of large/small group activities, games, manipulatives and equipment specifically designed to help young learners develop, grow and strengthen their own unique abilities, academic and real world based idea constructions and a tapestry of empowering skill sets. Students are also given free choice time which allows an exploration of individual interests and a celebration of personal creativity. Every process, practice and activity is planned and structured with specific learning goals and objectives but the ECE journey is always unique for each student.  Within an environment which mentors social responsibility, mindfulness and kindness, we believe and teach by the concept that teachers must transform their teaching so that students can transform themselves while celebrating their own self worth and distinctive spirit.  

Reach out to us

We encourage you to contact us for additional program information if you think our community of young learners might be a great fit for your children's ECE, kindergarten and/or before/after school adventures in learning!  We look forward to sharing our program with you! 

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