Happy Hollow Children's Center


Our educational philosophy is based on a set of principles:  

Students must be engaged in the construction of their own knowledge.  Students must be allowed to construct knowledge and be challenged through active experiences using their senses in a variety of ways.  Students must be afforded an environment where adult mentors guide and nurture each child towards reaching their unique and full potential.  Students must be provided a space that affords endless possibilities and opportunities to grow, learn, make mistakes and express themselves in new and creative ways.

We utilize an integrated approach to teaching academic knowledge where we combine many creative areas with the analytical and academic in an effort to help spark individual interest and the motivation to tackle challenges.  We offer guided free play with materials that encourage imaginative thinking and creativity.  We use different group sizes that focus on critical thinking, scaffolding, collaboration, and classroom skill sets.  We offer guided learning through integrative stations and centers, which are set up to present and expand on old and new ideas.  Our curriculum is built to make sure students are ready to tackle all areas of growth and development.  Our focus is on the whole child which spans the creative, independent, self-confident, capable, unique child.  

Our social environment is based on simple principles of respect, responsibility and community.  Teachers help mentor students as they learn to take full responsibility for their behavior choices. We talk a lot about communication and behavior choices.  We offer students words and phrase choices to use to express emotions, thoughts and needs in a positive, constructive way as well as role-playing to allow them practice using positive communication skills. We offer students an environment created to help them learn respect for themselves and others within our learning community.